Olivia Inspires

Maddy Taylor

A close friend of Olivia’s

Olivia and I grew up together going through Milford Primary School and Bournemouth School for Girls and, in many ways, she has shaped who I am today.

She was extremely driven and talented at pretty much everything, yet still incredibly patient with me when explaining confusing maths concepts!

She was always keen to seize every opportunity – whether that was the lead in the nativity at primary school, STEM challenges, sailing squads, debating, CCF, music camp. . .

Whilst I will always be in awe of her musical, sporting, academic success, what I really loved about her was her huge kindness and the many, many laughs we shared (the proper kind which make you cry and hurts your abs!).

She was also a stellar travel companion: for many bus journeys into school (definitely making the early mornings worth it!), DofE expeditions and later our inter-railing adventures around Europe!

Olivia was an incredible friend – dependable for a good sing-along, dance, laugh or gossip, but also caring and there with kind words (and baked goods!) when I needed her.

I am always going to love Olivia and will remember her as one of my bestest of friends!