Olivia Inspires Milford On Sea Primary School Logo

Jacqui Stoneham

Olivia’s teacher at Milford on Sea Primary School

‘When she was a girl, she expected the world.’

Those words from Coldplay’s ‘Paradise’ perfectly capture how I remember Olivia when she was just 7 years old.

As her teacher, I could see she not only expected the world, but she was destined to make a real difference to it.

It’s an old fashioned word, but the word that springs to mind when thinking of Olivia is enchanting.

She had the knack of making everyone drop whatever they were doing and listen. I remember one morning Olivia told me she had been given the best birthday present ever – an Optimist sailing dinghy.

Naturally, I told her it was the perfect sailing vessel for her because she was always so very optimistic! I loved her for that.

Her sense of self belief and determination were incredible.

As her teacher, she was a very precious and much loved pupil.

She was a real blessing to me and for that I am eternally grateful.