Olivia Inspires Puts a Smile on the Face of Young Photographer

This news item was published on: Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Olivia Inspires Puts A Smile On The Face Of Young Photographer

Recently we received an application for an Olivia Inspires grant from Phoebe, a New Forest student asking for support to develop her love of photography and vlogging.

With the assistance of the excellent Castle Cameras in Bournemouth, we were delighted to be able to help her.

We were so pleased to receive this email from Phoebe which really brightened up our day:

Dear Olivia Inspires

I just wanted to thank you for my Olivia Inspires grant, which has enabled me to pursue my interest in becoming a better photographer and vlogger.

The camera was a little tricky to get hold of due to lockdown happening, but Castle Cameras were great at sorting everything out over the phone with my dad, and posting a package out to us that included the excellent Canon M50, a lens, bag, memory card and everything I needed to get started.

Remaining at home has even given me the chance to get to grips with many of the fantastic camera’s features.

Olivia Inspires has definitely helped me to develop my potential in the arts and pursue photography and filming which I’m passionate about.

The grant has allowed me to buy some professional kit, which I would have struggled to afford otherwise.

Once again I am so grateful to you with many thanks,


If, like Phoebe you would like help to develop your interest in STEM, the arts or a sport then why not do just like Phoebe and apply!